1. How much data can your business afford to lose?

2. How much downtime can your business afford to have?

PC Utilities is an expert in disaster recovery and back-up policy – arguably the most misunderstood aspect of corporate IT planning.

Unfortunately, most companies think they are covered in the event of a disaster when, in reality, they are not and they are putting their business at serious risk as a result.

Weekly back-ups or nightly incremental backups are inadequate for most modern businesses who cannot afford long periods of downtime and data loss. Using a policy like this means your business could lose up to 24 hours of data and up to five days of downtime.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we design backup strategies to satisfy your exact requirements whether it is 5 hours of data loss or a downtime of just five minutes.

We work with our customers to calculate how much downtime and data the company could afford to lose and implement a disaster recovery and backup system to meet their requirements.

Image Based Backups

Image based backup is the modern, flexible approach to backup and disaster recover. They are used to backup virtual servers (VM’S), capturing a VM as a whole. If a recovery operation is required, the copy can be mounted and the required data extracted. They can also be used to control your data loss requirements as incremental backups can be taken constantly or to your exact requirement.

There are different types of image based backup:

Basic Image Based Backup

The most basic form of image based backup is to backup the images to a storage server on site as frequently as required. This provides a reliable backup and a block level recovery which would restore in minutes. However there would be no off-site copy and, in the event of a disaster such as fire or flood, all of your data would be lost.

Image Based Backup with Storage Replication

This option offers the Basic Image Based Backup with the added safeguard that the image is also replicated and stored off-site at PC Utilities’s data centre, giving you a disaster recovery element to your system. The image stored off-site is configured on a server and made available for secure connection over the Internet, minimising downtime.

Image Based Backup & Disaster Recovery Replication

This type of backup addresses backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. The images are stored on site, in image storage in the data centre and also on our specially designed disaster recovery servers.

This system gives you the maximum amount of flexibility and addresses both your data loss and company downtime policies. Backups can be set to any time you require.

Every backup plan from PC Utilities is tailored to each individual customer’s requirements and budget.


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