Safe and secure private cloud services

As a business, your data is likely to be your most important asset so keep it safe.

We offer a Tier 3 data centre in our private cloud, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

This removes the need for you to run a room full of servers, incurring the high capital costs of owning hardware and software. We deliver your server systems, storage network and operating systems.

What is a cloud service?

Cloud services are made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers, as opposed to being provided from a company’s own on-premises servers.

There are two types:

Public cloud services are provided by a number of companies, such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft, but you are more vulnerable to cyber attacks and you can never be sure where they are keeping your data. It could be anywhere in the world or even being made available to security services and used for data mining. As a UK business, it is illegal to hold your private and personal client information outside of Europe so you must know where your data is being stored. Don’t take the risk.

Private cloud services: PC Utilities provides private cloud services to business throughout the UK from our secure Tier 3 data centre just outside Cardiff and we offer a full consultation and solution design service to your requirements.

Whether you need a Standard Hosted Service, High Availability Service or Complete System Redundancy, our skilled engineers and system architect will work with you to determine the infrastructure and resources you require and the level of support needed.

Our offering is different because we connect your office to the data centre with a dedicated layer 2 EAD line for security. Your internet access is also via the data centre so that your services can be accessed over the internet from anywhere, by any device, using our managed hosted VPN which enables management of group policy objects for remote clients.


What are the benefits of private cloud?


  • No in-house infrastructure required
  • No more costly software and hardware upgrades
  • Work from anywhere and on the move
  • Flexibility – expand your services to your business requirements
  • Work within defined budgets with no unexpected capital outlay
  • High availability options with full redundancy and replication are available
  • Safe and secure Tier 3 data centre
  • 24/7 system monitoring, support and management
  • Make your business future-proof and flexible
  • Use as part of a comprehensive business continuity policy


Co-Lo Private Cloud

PC Utilities offer a co-located private cloud where we can host your physical servers in our secure data centre and link your office to your servers with a secure dedicated EAD leased line. This keeps your data safe and secure while keeping you in charge of everything.


High Availability Features

PC Utilities utilises the full suite of enterprise VMware features, including vMotion and DRS, to deliver 100% availability across the entire virtualised IT environment, without the cost and complexity of failover solutions tied to either operating systems or specific applications. PC Utilities offers a host of different replication services where you data can be replicated in multiple data centres for added security.



PC Utilities offers a complete backup service using some of the most sophisticated backup software on the market. As standard we backup all your serves and hold 14 versions but we can hold as many versions as your business requires.



We offer an archiving service structured to your individual requirements.